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Lift Chains

The life of forklift parts can vary greatly depending on proper care. Lift chains are no different, they can be extended with good maintenance and care. Lubricating properly is an excellent way in order to lengthen the capability of this forklift part. It is really essential to apply oil every so often utilizing a brush or whichever lube application device. The frequency and volume of oil application should be adequate to be able to prevent any rust discoloration of oil in the joints. This reddish brown discoloration usually signals that the lift chains have not been correctly lubricated. If this condition has happened, it is very essential to lubricate the lift chains immediately.

During lift chain operation it is common for some metal to metal contact to take place which can lead to some components to wear out in due course. When there is 3% elongation on the lift chain, it is considered by industry standards to have worn out the chain. In order to avoid the scary likelihood of a disastrous lift chain failure from occurring, the manufacturer very much suggests that the lift chain be replaced before it reaches 3 percent elongation. The lift chain lengthens due to progressive joint wear which elongates the chain pitch. This elongation could be measured by placing a certain number of pitches under tension.

So as to ensure proper lift chain maintenance, another factor to think about is to check the clevis pins on the lift chain for indications of wearing. Lift chains are put together so that the clevis pins have their tapered faces lined up with each other. Normally, rotation of the clevis pins is often caused by shock loading. Shock loading happens when the chain is loose and then suddenly a load is applied. This causes the chain to experience a shock as it 'snaps' under the load tension. Without the correct lubrication, in this particular situation, the pins can rotate in the chain's link. If this particular situation occurs, the lift chains should be replaced at once. It is vital to always replace the lift chains in pairs to be able to ensure even wear.

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Forklift Parts

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